“must have photos” every couple will want on their wedding day
Most Brides spend many hours scouring bridal blogs and magazines in order to perfect their photos list that they would like taken on the wedding day. There are very important classic shots that should never been missed in a wedding photography. If you want to get the best photos of your wedding, you should consider the following facts.

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Getting ready

Some of the precious moments of a wedding are those moments, when everyone is making preparations for the big day. The first time a bride puts on her wedding dress is one of the best moments a photographer should capture.

The bridal portrait
A beautiful shot of yourself wearing the most beautiful clothes on the best day of your life should be well taken. Both the groom and the bride should have portrait pictures taken in order to keep the memories of their great day.

The details
You have probably spent the whole year planning for the big day of your wedding. There is nothing that helps to tell story of your journey than the details photos and video coverage. The photographer should be informed on anything extraordinary that you would like to be captured.

The recessional
Most people say that a kiss is a must have moment in a wedding. While this is a great consideration for most lovers. You would not want to miss this moment in your photo album. rhema professional photographers can help you create a list of the most important moments that should be photographed in a wedding.

Family photos
In most weddings, extended family and distant cousins are not captured in individual shots or smaller groupings with bride & bridegroom. The best way to have them captured is to have a large family portrait photo. A large family photo helps to save time and make your extended family to feel special for been included.

The grand Entrance to the wedding venue
At the entrance, this is the first time that the bride & the bridegroom are announced as Mr. & Mrs…!. It’s an overwhelming moment that a photographer can’t miss to capture.

Other parts that should be well captured during a wedding includes:
1.The reception space
2. People giving toasts and guest of honors making their toasts.
3. The cocktail hour

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