Kiambu Road is located just outside Nairobi’s city center and offers a range of venues suitable for weddings. As of my last update in September 2021, some of the wedding venues along or near Kiambu Road include:

  1. Ridgeways Mall Gardens: Despite its proximity to the busy Kiambu Road, this venue offers ample space for large gatherings and provides a serene environment.
  2. Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club: While it leans more towards the Ridgeways side, you can access it from Kiambu Road, and it stands out as one of the more luxurious venues with lush greenery and a golf course.
  3. Evergreen Park & Garden: Located just a few minutes’ drive from the main Kiambu Road, Evergreen is a popular choice for outdoor weddings due to its well-manicured gardens and ponds.
  4. Thayu Farm Hotel: This is a peaceful location that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings. It’s set in a farm environment that gives it a unique serene touch.
  5. Runda View Gardens: This venue offers a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, suitable for both the wedding ceremony and reception.
  6. Apart from functioning as a hotel, Oak Place Hotel & Conference Centre provides event spaces suitable for weddings, blending indoor halls with outdoor gardens.
  7. Eden Bliss Gardens: This is a more recent addition (as of 2021) to the Kiambu Road venues, offering expansive gardens and a serene environment.

Always consider visiting these venues in person to grasp the ambiance, check available amenities, and determine their suitability for your specific wedding needs. Additionally, you might need to book some venues in advance, especially during the peak wedding season, so plan ahead.

Kiambu Road Wedding Venues
Kiambu Road Wedding Venues