Wedding venues and receptions around Nairobi

A wedding reception will always take place after the ceremony, either in a rented place, hall, or at someones else house. Most couples prefer to have their receptions held out-doors. Regardless of the location that you like and prefer, decorating the reception is a very important part of preparing for the big day.  The reception should be well planned in order to celebrate the new couple in style and their commitment to each other.





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wedding reception in kenya


wedding reception in kenya



How to choose and plan your wedding reception in Nairobi

1. The first thing you should consider when planning for your reception in Nairobi is the color theme. Having many colors ideas in mind will help you make the decorating plans go well and smooth.

decorating wedding

2. Contact your florist, to make flower decorations and table arrangements for the reception

reception balloons

3. Make sure that the tables are arranged in the right order: Gift tables, a cake table, buffet table, guest tables, a special table for the parents,  good tables for attendants and tables for eating.


4. Purchase balloons and make good decorations around the wedding reception venue, Make sure the balloon colors that you choose will match with the theme of the venue. Have balloons for the entrance and table centerpieces.

5. For a good color coordination,  choose white linens to cover your tables and chairs. Simple white chairs covers can be rented to add elegance to folding chairs. A pop color should be added to the chairs by simply tying a purple, orange or pink color ribbon around the chairs.




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