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Nairobi Wedding Photographer

Nairobi Wedding Photographer.

Get the best Nairobi Wedding Photographer – Rhema Media – Call/WhatsApp: +254701344449

the best Nairobi Wedding Photographer and videography

Are you planning for a Wedding? … well …


before talking to us for your colourful wedding videos and photography!!

Memories to last a lifetime… 

“For the Best wedding video coverage and Photography in Nairobi Kenya”

You’ve worked hard to make every detail just right on your special day. But you’re so caught up in the whirl of guests and vows and excitement that you’ll hardly remember these most moving moments of your life!

Flowers wilt. Cake is eaten. Your gown is packed away. Those memories, it seems, fade and falter in only hours. But your professional documentary-style video keeps the moments alive forever.

Please don’t make the mistake of confusing our professional “Wedding Video” with some home video or semi-professional footage you’ve already seen.

Contrary to the hours of meandering and often unfocused footage commonly found in typical home videos, our “Wedding Videos” stand apart. They are professionally captured and edited to offer a TV-style program with depth and drama. Specifically, with a Rhema Wedding Video, you’re provided a crystal-clear window into the day’s emotions. You’ll vividly see the expressions on the faces of your loved ones. Moreover, the audio quality ensures that you’ll distinctly hear the day’s sounds, ranging from heartfelt words shared by parents and bridal party members to significant moments during the service, encompassing the ceremony highlights and your vows. Ultimately, our videos let you relive every poignant detail – the smiles, the tears, and the sheer joy.

You can count on crisp broadcast-quality images captured with an eye for detail and a knack for observing emotion as well as action.

We can also create “Days of Our Lives” memories from your family photos.

Find about more what professional video production can offer! We’ll be happy to discuss your plans and the possibilities for turning the “first day of the rest of your life” into a video documentary that will move you every time you see it … from now to eternity.

So what does this kind of quality cost?

Call us now for a good package of  fully edited videos, with excellent sound and all the emotions of the moment. You can choose additional coverage e.g. if you’ll be having a Wedding Dinner.

Watching a video of the special moments of your life is like traveling back in the time. And especially if its your wedding video. We create your wedding video with complete attention and utmost care. It is a very significant living record for your relatives, friends and near ones. We also cover corporate events, parties, corporate functions, church functions and all other important functions.

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“Days of Our Lives” —
Your Life’s Memories in Video:

Rhema Media
  can help you turn your lifetime memories into a uniquely personal video program by transferring photographs to video, setting them to music of your choice, and incorporating Hollywood -style video effects to fascinate your audience. Perfect for birthday parties, dinners  and significant anniversaries.

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