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The Best wedding venues in Nairobi Kenya

Cool Nairobi wedding venues/reception ideas that you can choose from. there are many ways that you can decorate your wedding to make it more colorful and beautiful. Furthermore,  If you haven’t found a perfect wedding venue or reception, browse this site and you will learn on how to choose a venue depending on the themes, location, prices and suitability of every wedding venue in Kenya.

For: The best wedding venues in Nairobi

Finding your wedding venue in nairobi is one of the most important issues in your wedding preparation and planning. Traditionally many people have been opting for the Church wedding, but nowadays many people are preferring garden weddings. In addition, the beauty of a garden wedding is that the same venue can be used both for the officiating ceremony and for the reception. Moreover, Only the tents and sitting arrangement is changed to offer a more relaxed atmosphere for the reception.

30 wedding venues in nairobi

20 wedding venues in kenya

 Coastal wedding reception idea

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Incase you opt for a church as your wedding venue then your reception venue should not be far away. The distance should be a maximum of 30 minutes drive. The shorter the distance the better. In a normal kenyan wedding several hours are wasted on the roads moving from one location to another. Furthermore, In case the wedding is in a venue in Nairobi, the issue of traffic jams should be well looked at, because it can take several hours to get across the city especially around end-month.

The top wedding venues in Nairobi

  1. Norfolk hotel
  2. Hotel Boulvard
  3. Boma Hotel
  4. Paradiso
  5. Cool Bliss
  6. Laico Hotel
  7. Serena
  8. Eden Bliss Gardens
  9. Safari Park hotel – Thika road
  10. Botanical Gardens – Langata
  11. Nairobi Safari Walk
  12. Maro Gardens – Karen
  13. Marula manor karen
  14. Co-operative Staff training Centre
  15. Club Barn Ngong Road
  16. Florieta Gardens, Runda
  17. Hill Crest – Karen
  18. Jaffrey’s club – James Gichuru
  19. Jockey Club – Ngong Race Course
  20. Karen Blixen
  21. Kenya School Of Law-Karen
  22. Loreto Convent Valley Road
  23. Nairobi Aboretum
  24. Windsor Hotel & Golf Club – Kiambu road
  25. Wonderjoy – Kiambu road
  26. Rock City Gardens – Kiambu Road
  27. Evergreen Gardens – Kiambu road
  28. Sharks Palace – Kiambu road
  29. Seraphic Events – Kiambu road
  30. KCB Gardens – Kiambu road
  31. Pine Creek – Kiambu road
  32. St Austins – Lavington
  33. St Christophers – Karen
  34. College Of Insurance –  South C
  35. Thayu Wedding Venue – Tigoni

Lastly, with the increasingly high cost of living, more and more people opt for cheap wedding venues as they offer the same ambiance and scenery as their relatively costly counterparts. Another very cheap alternative wedding venue is the local schools and colleges.

 We cannot tell you exactly how much it will cost you to have your wedding hosted in the above venues because prices vary depending on the time of the year (eg December is the peak season) and the number of guests expected. You can send us an email with your preferred venue and we will make the enquiries for you.

The following are wedding decorating ideas that you can use to decorate your wedding venue reception in Nairobi.


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wedding venues and receptions ideas in Nairobi Kenya

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We  wish you all the best!!!!!!!!

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